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ARRK is one of the world’s largest product development specialists. ARRK’s origins date back to 1948 in Osaka, Japan and its evolution into a global leader of product development. Over time the business has grown through a process of acquisitions and mergers resulting in an organization today that has companies strategically located around the world. The ARRK Corporation has over 3,300 employees and over 20 locations worldwide.

At ARRK, we believe in an integrated approach to product development that is backed at every stage by exceptional engineering skill, cutting edge technology, and expert guidance. We are committed to having the best realization team around the world to create a diverse culture of exchanging ideas. We are completely focused on maintaining and improving quality standards, ensuring our clients receive a superior caliber of product development solutions.

ARRK’s customer achievements can be found across all industries with an emphasis on medical, consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, and defense. We are dedicated to craftsmanship and quality is non-negotiable. We are a customer-centric company and the only way we know how to do business is to build a partnership from day one.

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Mission Statement

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We aim to be your #1 partner for product development and low volume production needs.
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We will take our services above the latest technology by focusing on the growth of our people.
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We will provide a platform for our team members to grow and expand their knowledge-skills to offer you intelligent solutions tailored to your needs and keep up with the changing and evolving global local markets.

End to End Services

At ARRK, we believe in combining the newest, latest, and greatest technologies with master craftsmanship to bring your products to market quickly and economically. We offer a comprehensive range of product development solutions to help accelerate your product to market. Many companies claim to have full line product development services through strategies of outsourcing and forming partnerships. Splicing up the development of your product leads to an inefficient system, loss of expertise, and convenience. With a long and established history that dates back over 70 years, ARRK has amassed a wealth of knowledge to assist designers and engineers from a wide range of industries which include medical, consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, and defense.

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